Jakarta EE CDI Fact Sheet

Jakarta EE CDI front cover

In this fact sheet, we take a deep-dive into one of the Jakarta EE specifications: Jakarta Context Dependency Injection or CDI. This specification is one of the most important in Jakarta EE. It interacts with several other specifications.

And now it has been upgraded, providing more useful characteristics to improve development speed, not only for enterprises but also for standalone applications. The latest version, which will arrive with Jakarta EE 10, is CDI 4.0. CDI 4.0 brings many exciting changes, including the split into a version for restricted environments (CDI Lite) and a change to the default mode to discover beans. Wondering what Jakarta CDI does and how you can best use it? Look no further than this factsheet.

Category: Cheat Sheet

Subject: Developer Lead Resources, Jakarta EE, Java Developer Resources

CDI factsheet

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