J2EE to Jakarta EE: Chronicles of Java’s Enterprise Evolution

Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) is a set of community developed, abstract specifications that together form a platform for developing end-to-end, multi-tier enterprise applications. Jakarta EE is built on the Java Standard Edition, and aims to provide a stable, reliable and vendor neutral platform on which to develop cloud native applications.

This ebook discusses the general theory surrounding the Java Enterprise Development platform. A lot of Enterprise Java related nomenclature comprises lots of technical words that might not be so clear.

From J2EE’s early days to today’s Jakarta EE, the evolution has been significant. Jakarta EE now serves as a cutting-edge, streamlined development platform tailored for both enterprise and cloud-native application development. It excels in building mission-critical applications, providing a rich suite of tools and capabilities that ensure high levels of reliability, security, and scalability.
Adopting Jakarta EE enables you to proficiently deliver applications that meet the stringent requirements of enterprise operations while maximising cloud infrastructure advantages. This positions Jakarta EE as a critical tool for developers who aim to produce competitive, robust applications in the dynamic tech industry.

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E-Book: J2EE to Jakarta EE: Chronicles of Java’s Enterprise Evolution

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