Features of Payara Server

This datasheet provides a brief introduction to the most relevant features for development and operation of Payara Server. Payara® Server: Robust. Reliable. Supported.

In this datasheet:

  • Scalable and Secure Operation
    • Automatic Clustering
    • Deployment Groups
    • Application Level Isolation
    • Data Encryption
  • Flexible Administration
    • Admin Console
    • Admin Commands
    • REST API
  • Application Development with Rich Standard Support
    • Jakarta EE
    • Eclipse MicroProfile
    • GlassFish and Payara Platform APIs
  • Diverse Monitoring Tools
    • Health Checks
    • Request Tracing
    • JMX API
    • Notifications
    • Monitoring Console

Category: Datasheet

Subject: Clustering, CTO Resources, Deployment Groups, Developer Lead Resources, Java Developer Resources, Payara Server, VP Engineering Resources

Features of Payara Server

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