Typesafe REST Calls with MicroProfile 6 REST Client

Guide front cover Typesafe REST Calls With MicroProfile REST Client

MicroProfile is a community driven initiative, built on top of the Jakarta EE Core Profile, that is a collection of abstract specs that form a complete solution to developing cloud native, Jakarta EE microservices – current version is MicroProfile 6.0.

MP REST Client is one of these specs, an API that abstracts the use of the Jakarta REST client in the fetching of HTTP resources across the network. This guide will show you how to use this API in your Jakarta EE applications to create much more readable and maintainable applications that consume REST services in a typesafe way.

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Subject: Jakarta EE, Java Developer Resources, MicroProfile, Microservices, Payara Micro, Payara Platform

Typesafe REST Calls with MicroProfile 6 REST Client

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