A Developer Guide To Jakarta EE NoSQL Development With MongoDB And Morphia

A Developer Guide To Jakarta EE NoSQL Development With Mongodb And Morphia

With the rise in popularity of alternative data storage paradigms, enterprises have more choices outside of the traditional SQL data format for structuring, analysing, storing and querying application data. NoSQL has become a catch-all term for schemaless, non-relational databases.

We have been investigating NoSQL options for Jakarta EE, with previous guides ‘A Business Guide to NoSQL on the Jakarta EE Platform’ and ‘A Developer Guide to NoSQL Persistence on The Jakarta EE Platform With Google Firestore’.

In this guide, we look at using Jakarta EE and MongoDB, a popular NoSQL document database that stores data in collections of documents. We dive into seeing how we can use MongoDB in a Jakarta EE project using the Morphia library.

We cover:

  • Setup
  • What is Morphia?
  • Why not use MongoDB Driver Directly?
  • Data Modelling
  • CRUD with Morphia

Category: User Guide

Subject: Jakarta EE

A Developer Guide to MongoDB With Morphia And Jakarta EE

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