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Payara Server 5.182

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The release notes of previous releases can be found in the Payara Server Documentation

Release Highlights

Have a look at the 'What's new in Payara Server & Payara Micro 5.182?' blog post. 

API Changes

·         fish.payara.nucleus.requesttracing.api.Traced annotation removed. Please use the new MicroProfile org.eclipse.microprofile.opentracing.Traced annotation.

Component Upgrade

New Feature


  • [PAYARA-1688] - Redesign the public notifier API
  • [PAYARA-1692] - Minor changes to Security UI in Admin console
  • [PAYARA-1864] - Add LetsEncrypt as a trusted CA to the default truststore
  • [PAYARA-2041] - Implement Dynamic Logging Configuration
  • [PAYARA-2263] - Make jvm-options tag in domain.xml switchable by jdk
  • [PAYARA-2349] - Improve data format from SQL tracing data metrics
  • [PAYARA-2425] - Add Environment Variable support for JVM-Options
  • [PAYARA-2461] - Options to allow the application's name to be used for Portable JNDI name of EJBs contained within an EAR
  • [PAYARA-2466] - Finally squash the unnecessary Felix warnings
  • [PAYARA-2528] - Payara Micro ignores invalid arguments if they don't start with double dash
  • [PAYARA-2559] - Allow to boot AMX at runtime even without enabling JMX monitoring service
  • [PAYARA-2568] - The boot of micro does not use multiple threads
  • [PAYARA-2575] - Create Yubikey integration
  • [PAYARA-2603] - Move autobinding into Grizzly.
  • [PAYARA-2611] - Notify Of Missing Alias for HTTP Listeners SSL configuration at startup
  • [PAYARA-2612] - Remove underscore from JSON field names in JSON log formatter
  • [PAYARA-2614] - Expose Grizzly HTTP2 AddOn settings in the administration console
  • [PAYARA-2615] - Specify the SSL cert alias in Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2616] - Align javaee-api dependency versions to 8.0
  • [PAYARA-2618] - Align maven-compiler-plugin dependency version along with compiler version 1.8
  • [PAYARA-2632] - Set force-selector-spin-detection in Grizzly to true by default also for other OS than Linux
  • [PAYARA-2666] - Show DeploymentException which is hidden behind InvocationException
  • [PAYARA-2673] - Clean up code in annotation-framework
  • [PAYARA-2678] - Align versions of all maven plugins
  • [PAYARA-2679] - refactor groupId definition of hibernate-validator artefact
  • [PAYARA-2680] - Add cast method to NotificationData to convert itself into a subclass
  • [PAYARA-2697] - Context root defined in glassfish-web.xml always gets overridden when deployed via browser UI
  • [PAYARA-2707] - Allow placeholder replacement for AMX beans in MP custom metrics.
  • [PAYARA-2708] - Initial cleanup of admin cli
  • [PAYARA-2720] - Add missing packages to embedded
  • [PAYARA-2725] - The MicroProfile HealthCheck API is not configurable and overrides applications which define a /health endpoint
  • [PAYARA-2744] - Add to the Monitoring REST API Bulk Reading

·         [PAYARA-2772] - Application targets page doesn't display targets



  • [PAYARA-1620] - Servlet request is executed twice (or n time) if timeout occurs while waiting for jdbc call
  • [PAYARA-2189] - Ability for CDI event bus to filter ClassNotFound exceptions with multiple application deployed
  • [PAYARA-2229] - Injection in second war in an ear fails
  • [PAYARA-2267] - Timestamp JPA conversion failing for Oracle 12c types
  • [PAYARA-2375] - Glassfish 5.0 Servlet Parameters (ServerName, ServerPort, ...) broken when HTTP 2 is used
  • [PAYARA-2376] - InvocationException when deploying an application with a deployment error
  • [PAYARA-2522] - Deploying an application to an Instance in a Deployment Group and the Deployment Group causes the application to only target the instance.
  • [PAYARA-2555] - Payara Micro Arquillian Connector Doesn't Allow Spaces In Arguments
  • [PAYARA-2558] - Embedded SNAPSHOT dependency fails to run
  • [PAYARA-2564] - Multi-threading of InitialContex() causes multiply-defined stub classes
  • [PAYARA-2566] - Soteria ignores EL in one attribute of the LdapIdentityStoreDefinition
  • [PAYARA-2569] - Undeploying an Application from a Deployment Group requires the instances to be restarted.
  • [PAYARA-2570] - asadmin start-database implicit mapping to H2
  • [PAYARA-2571] - View monitoring info in admin console throws error
  • [PAYARA-2574] - Make Grizzly HTTP/2 Compliant
  • [PAYARA-2579] - Add Empty Key File to Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2580] - Can not change the admin http-listener port and restart the domain via asadmin
  • [PAYARA-2581] - In admin console, change text color to dark when background is orange
  • [PAYARA-2583] - WebAppClassLoader Leak in ComponentInvocation
  • [PAYARA-2586] - Unrecognised JMS-Service Element in Payara Embedded Web
  • [PAYARA-2590] - Microprofile Config Property injection of https port fails on Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2591] - Restarting the DAS results in displayed page using wrong look and feel
  • [PAYARA-2593] - Update EclipseLink 2.7.0 with changes on private fork
  • [PAYARA-2608] - Excessive use of JDBC connections for listing JBatch job executions
  • [PAYARA-2610] - Payara Micro uses wrong password for custom keystore/truststore
  • [PAYARA-2613] - Fix warning for Multiple JSF Applications found
  • [PAYARA-2621] - Correct case in "GlassFish" in admin console image(s)
  • [PAYARA-2624] - Header background on Domain is not responsive.
  • [PAYARA-2625] - Hard to read after sorting a table, due to colour change.
  • [PAYARA-2628] - Payara Micro copytouberjar duplicates the name of the directory
  • [PAYARA-2630] - Payara 5.181 throws exceptions and doesn't start at first attempt
  • [PAYARA-2633] - Domain fails to start after setting up file encoding to UTF-8 via JVM options
  • [PAYARA-2634] - New Payara 5 Admin Console design doesn't display on Japanese, Korean and Chinese language.
  • [PAYARA-2660] - MicroProfile Metrics asadmin command has no dynamic option and always requires the enabled option to be specified
  • [PAYARA-2661] - MicroProfile Metrics does not work when secured
  • [PAYARA-2667] - Grizzly Version is no.version in Logs
  • [PAYARA-2670] - The JMX Logging service sends notifications even when not enabled
  • [PAYARA-2671] - Blocker issue in Weld 3.0.3 wait for 3.0.4 or downgrade
  • [PAYARA-2674] - UpdateApplicationRef Command Doesn't Replicate Across Cluster
  • [PAYARA-2677] - Context Classloaders in EAR are set incorrectly with Hazelcast
  • [PAYARA-2686] - MP Metrics Service custom metric definition overrides default server metrics
  • [PAYARA-2687] - Fix ConfigBuilder does not add default converters
  • [PAYARA-2688] - Custom metrics.xml file is not copied to remote nodes in clustering scenario
  • [PAYARA-2691] - Resource validation fails due to null Context ClassLoader
  • [PAYARA-2696] - Payara 5 micro - datasource missing in JNDI after successful deployment
  • [PAYARA-2698] - Update serverHeader option in admin console
  • [PAYARA-2699] - REST monitoring service (Jolokia) is broken on Payara 5
  • [PAYARA-2700] - Cannot send asadmin command from Admin console to Payara Micro instance(s)
  • [PAYARA-2701] - It is not possible to target a JDBC resource to a deployment group
  • [PAYARA-2704] - Fix QuickLook tests for local execution
  • [PAYARA-2706] - MEMM Health check using wrong calculation for used memory
  • [PAYARA-2711] - Compress on Rotation doesn't work for Payara Notification Logger
  • [PAYARA-2715] - Error when configuring availability service in admin console
  • [PAYARA-2716] - Help text in Micro refers to deploying EAR files and these are not supported
  • [PAYARA-2727] - Illegal non-String type in Grizzly config
  • [PAYARA-2729] - When listing batch job executions using "--long" options, it causes creation of excessive JDBC connections
  • [PAYARA-2730] - NPE encountered when enabling Monitoring for HTTP Service
  • [PAYARA-2734] - --interfaces options is ignored on Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2735] - --minHttpThreads does not work in Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2737] - JDBC Resources have an incorrect number of targets
  • [PAYARA-2742] - Custom metrics that override a base metric crash domain startup
  • [PAYARA-2757] - Payara Embedded Broken
  • [PAYARA-2765] - Typo in SetFaultToleranceConfiguration Command
  • [PAYARA-2768] - MicroProfile OpenAPI results invalid schema type and duplicate resource
  • [PAYARA-2770] - Rest resource and Rest Client on same classpath cause ambiguous rest endpoint error
  • [PAYARA-2779] - Concurrent NPE regression
  • [PAYARA-2781] - Exception thrown in logs when shutting down Payara
  • [PAYARA-2789] - String Array Config API Injection Fails
  • [PAYARA-2826] - Error in AMXJ2EE when creating a new instance

Upstream Bug

  • [PAYARA-2541] - Fix rare race condition in grizzly initialization
  • [PAYARA-2582] - Upstream Resource Validator retains deployment classloader


Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here: 


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