Release Notes

Payara Server 5.181

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The release notes of previous releases can be found in the Payara Server Documentation

Release Highlights

Have a look at the 'What's new in Payara Server & Payara Micro 5?' blog post. 

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications
  • MicroProfile 1.2 API

Important Information

  • Minimum Required JDK version is now 8u162.
  • Currently, you cannot drop-in and use a Payara 4 domain.xml with Payara 5.

New Features

  • [PAYARA-140] - Bundle an alternative embedded database with Payara (H2)
  • [PAYARA-188] - Hazelcast based SSO
  • [PAYARA-862] - Integrate JSONB
  • [PAYARA-864] - Add support for HTTP/2
  • [PAYARA-1079] - Make Hazelcast EJB timer store from Micro available in full profile
  • [PAYARA-1305] - Add support for CDI 2.0
  • [PAYARA-1541] - Integrate Soteria
  • [PAYARA-1815] - Integrate Servlet 4
  • [PAYARA-1909] - Create a domain discovery mode
  • [PAYARA-1915] - Create Deployment Group as a loose grouping of servers
  • [PAYARA-2081] - Create a Roles Permitted CDI annotation
  • [PAYARA-2246] - Clustered Singleton beans CDI support
  • [PAYARA-2297] - Directory Config Source with support for Kubernetes format
  • [PAYARA-2434] - Put Mojarra parallel init behind switch


  • [PAYARA-189] - Completely Remove GMS and Shoal
  • [PAYARA-1030] - Remove Jettison from Payara
  • [PAYARA-1166] - Add configuration for JDK 8 metaspace into production domain
  • [PAYARA-1225] - Enhance the production domain template further
  • [PAYARA-1541] - Integrate Soteria
  • [PAYARA-1740] - Split up application deployment in to prepare and initialize phases
  • [PAYARA-1771] - Make default group to role mapping the default
  • [PAYARA-1926] - JSF Deployment can be slow - unnecessary validation being done
  • [PAYARA-1946] - Set X-Powered By to Servlet 4
  • [PAYARA-1986] - Add the Quarter number to the Payara Version in the Logs
  • [PAYARA-2079] - Update Truststores
  • [PAYARA-2245] - JSF Deployment can be slow - Large XML file parsed
  • [PAYARA-2256] - Remove Derby from Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2286] - Update JSP Compiler
  • [PAYARA-2331] - Refactor admin console SAM
  • [PAYARA-2365] - Remove info about REST endpoints when there are none in the app
  • [PAYARA-2381] - Change version string of Mojarra to not be a SNAPSHOT
  • [PAYARA-2382] - Remove GlassFish reference at boot
  • [PAYARA-2383] - Switch ANSI colour logging on by default
  • [PAYARA-2385] - Sort out Cluster Logging
  • [PAYARA-2437] - Mojarra deprecated cdi 1.1 warning
  • [PAYARA-2455] - Rename payaradomain to "production"
  • [PAYARA-2467] - Remove useless JarFileFactory log message
  • [PAYARA-2471] - Tidy up some of the Data Grid terminology
  • [PAYARA-2477] - Create asadmin commands for MicroProfile Metrics
  • [PAYARA-2504] - Change the Default Value of the allowLinking Property to false
  • [PAYARA-2519] - Make the enabled Option of the set-hazelcast-configuration Command Optional
  • [PAYARA-2521] - set-hazelcast-configuration Asadmin Command allows you to set the clustermode as anything
  • [PAYARA-2523] - Log a message when a user picks an obvious but wrong value when using Payara Micro and domain cluster mode
  • [PAYARA-2347] - Reskin Admin Console
  • [PAYARA-2379] - Review all INFO logs on boot and remove any that are not useful
  • [PAYARA-2438] - Revamp Request Tracing into OpenTracing-style format


  • [PAYARA-2038] - Payara Micro pom.xml contains non-optional dependencies
  • [PAYARA-2148] - @Transactional interceptor not fully compatible with CDI 2.0
  • [PAYARA-2212] - Weld Warnings for ServletRequestListener for async servlets
  • [PAYARA-2283] - Illegal type error in logs when starting Payara
  • [PAYARA-2335] - UX Issue on Data Grid Admin console
  • [PAYARA-2342] - NoSuchElementException during Hazelcast Bootstrap
  • [PAYARA-2346] - CDI event bus listeners not initialized in Payara micro, ManagedExecutorService fixes
  • [PAYARA-2352] - Domain Discovery mode doesn't seem to work on Windows
  • [PAYARA-2357] - Cannot update the Data Grid Configuration via the admin console
  • [PAYARA-2358] - Restart Data Grid does not work
  • [PAYARA-2363] - Applications Fail to undeploy cleanly
  • [PAYARA-2364] - Soteria warning when deploying applications
  • [PAYARA-2378] - start-cluster asadmin command executes but spits out fail message
  • [PAYARA-2384] - Missing log messages on boot
  • [PAYARA-2387] - Singleton JAX-RS failure
  • [PAYARA-2389] - Fault Tolerance retry interceptor log message variable doesn't get inserted
  • [PAYARA-2390] - WebSocket in Mojarra fails to obtain the server port
  • [PAYARA-2396] - Setting of properties fails
  • [PAYARA-2412] - Fix Internal Server Error when using the Java EE Security API with Basic authentication without password
  • [PAYARA-2418] - Payara 5 Log Files Display Leftover Version Point
  • [PAYARA-2420] - EJB Timer button is broken on Deployment Groups page
  • [PAYARA-2421] - "ErrorHandler not set" error on Startup of Payara 5
  • [PAYARA-2422] - Enabling an app on the app page doesn't work
  • [PAYARA-2424] - Deployed Applications have an incorrect number of targets
  • [PAYARA-2427] - Deployed application in Micro logs shows a lot of junk
  • [PAYARA-2429] - "Invalid join request" warning periodically printed to Micro logs
  • [PAYARA-2430] - Reenabling an app on the Applications page does not reenable ManagedExecutorService
  • [PAYARA-2432] - "No valid EE environment for injection of fish.payara.microprofile.metrics.cdi.producer.MetricRegistryProducer" gets thrown a lot when deploying applications.
  • [PAYARA-2435] - Payara 5 Embedded is Broken
  • [PAYARA-2439] - SSL Certificate Expired spammed to log
  • [PAYARA-2440] - Refactor a line within prettyDateFormat
  • [PAYARA-2442] - H2 jdbc-connection-pool config
  • [PAYARA-2449] - Current master shows started instances as stopped
  • [PAYARA-2451] - Remove system.out in Mojarra
  • [PAYARA-2463] - Unsatisfied Bean Dependency Error on Startup
  • [PAYARA-2464] - asadmin doesn't consider jacc-provider properties
  • [PAYARA-2465] - Fix GH #2328 Cannot run payara from Intellij IDEA
  • [PAYARA-2468] - Lots of junk in the log from JSF
  • [PAYARA-2474] - Missing log message on boot
  • [PAYARA-2478] - Creating a instance in the deployment group now results in java.lang.RuntimeException
  • [PAYARA-2492] - Jasper Exception when loading an application deployed to Payara Micro Programmatically
  • [PAYARA-2501] - Update
  • [PAYARA-2502] - Have endtime for requesttraces use correct time
  • [PAYARA-2505] - Clusteredrequesttracestore never removes traces
  • [PAYARA-2507] - Hazelcast messagelisteners registered twice
  • [PAYARA-2511] - If default config value not set, optional shouldn't have a value
  • [PAYARA-2512] - Investigate and fix JSON logging on Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2514] - Properly escape quotes in request trace spans
  • [PAYARA-2520] - The default target of the set-hazelcast-configuration command is incorrect
  • [PAYARA-2524] - Duplicate Jackson jar packaged into Payara Micro
  • [PAYARA-2530] - Payara Micro Fails to Produce InstanceDescriptor for EJB Jar
  • [PAYARA-2535] - Stateful EJBs fail on Payara Micro due to Hazelcast not enabled
  • [PAYARA-2536] - ConcurrentModificationException when restarting Hazelcast
  • [PAYARA-2554] - NPE when starting span in the new context if instance is null
  • [PAYARA-2563] - NullPointerException on MP Config CdiOptionalInjectionTest

Upstream Bugs

  • [PAYARA-2116] - restart-instance doesn't synchronise when secure admin is enabled
  • [PAYARA-2531] - ResourceValidator does not set up invocation context on lookups

Component Upgrades

Known Issues

  • ANSI colour logging does not work on Windows (Command Prompt / PowerShell)
  • Upgrading from Payara 4 to 5 causes a ClassNotFoundException to be thrown on startup on the AlpnServerNegotiator class.
  • There is a bug in Soteria regarding Expression Language (EL) and LDAP identities

Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here: 


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