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  • Real-time visualization and monitoring
  • No extra installation or configuration needed
  • Fully Customizable
  • Exclusive feature of Payara Enterprise

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Payara InSight Benefits

Why You’ll Want to Use Payara InSight

See What You Need to See

Payara InSight monitoring console has a number of predefined pages on central performance and status metrics of the server set up for you initially. New pages can be created and populated with metric widgets. All pages can be further tweaked and extended by the user. Configurations can be exported and imported to easily share setups with others.

Identify Patterns and Trends

Payara InSight has built-in aggregation across the cluster showing each instance’s values as individual data points in graphs. All metrics provide basic statistics like all time minimum, maximum, or average values that also can be added to graphs for reference. Having quick access to data improves decision making and enables better products and services. Aggregated data also helps you comply with regulatory requirements.

Receive Instant Alerts of Problems

Users can also define thresholds as a visual reference line or to automatically highlight current values that escape a healthy range in Payara InSight. This helps users identify a problematic status even with just a brief look at the page.

View Everything on a Single Screen

When using the Payara InSight monitoring console on a TV screen to keep an eye on production systems, users can enable automatic page rotation so that each page is shown for a certain duration allowing an overview over all aspects of the server on a single screen. The included pages and the cycle duration are customizable as well.

Track Your Application’s Performance

Metrics have all kinds of sources within the server including some that deployed applications can contribute to. For example, all MicroProfile Metrics defined via annotations will also be available in the Payara InSight monitoring console. This allows users to use the console to keep track of application level performance and status metrics.

Introducing Payara InSight

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Payara InSight allows real-time visualisation and alerting for server and web application metrics.

When running on Payara Enterprise in production there is no extra installation or configuration needed.

It consists of a server module responsible for collecting a multitude of metrics from all nodes which are accumulated on the DAS to feed data to its frontend which visualises the data as a web-application deployed on the DAS.

The metrics include server metrics from different sources within the server as well as metrics defined in user applications using MicroProfile Metrics and metrics derived from MicroProfile Health checks.

Get Started with Payara InSight

Learn How to Use Payara InSight in Payara Server

Payara InSight Documentation

Read the latest official documentation for Payara InSight.

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Introducing Payara InSight

Payara InSight started life as the Payara Monitoring Console, this early blog lays out the vision and early capabilities.

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Improvements to Payara InSight

The main focus of improvements were the representation of alerts in the user interface. Changes were also made to how widget content is arranged and coloured which also lead to further configuration options.

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Payara InSight Blogs

  • Improvements to Payara InSight in Payara Enterprise 5.21.1 Release 22 Dec 2020

    The Payara Enterprise Release 5.22.0 in October 2020 was the first Payara Enterprise release to include our fully integrated and greatly improved real-time monitoring and alerting solution called Payara InSight (formerly known as Payara Monitoring Console in Payara Community). Then in the November 2020,release, we made improvements in how alerts are represented in the user interface, the display of widget content, and configuration options. For December’s Payara Enterprise 5.21.1 (patch release), we’ve continued to make improvements that make Payara InSight easier to use. Updates include slight changes to the GUI for consistency and warning awareness, improvements in the flow of creating new pages, and improvements to the process of updating or changing a previously created Watch.

  • Payara InSight Improvements in Payara Server Enterprise 5.23 18 Nov 2020

    In Payara Server Enterprise 5.23 we continued improving our monitoring solution released in Payara Server Enterprise 5.22.0 (read about it here) called Payara InSight. The main focus of improvements for this release is the representation of alerts in the user interface. We also had a closer look at how widget content is arranged and coloured which also lead us to add further configuration options.

  • Payara InSight is Coming to Payara Enterprise 5.22.0 16 Oct 2020

    Introduction The Payara Enterprise Release 5.22.0 is the first Payara Enterprise release to include our fully integrated and greatly improved real-time monitoring and alerting solution called Payara InSight (formerly known as Payara Monitoring Console in Payara Community).

  • Payara Server Community 5.2020.4 Makes it Easy to Set Up Custom Metrics in the Monitoring Console 13 Aug 2020

    The focus of the recent improvements for Payara Monitoring Console in the 5.2020.4 release has been on configuration sharing and ease of usage. Here's a brief overview of a couple of new features available in the Monitoring Console.

  • Payara Platform 201 Release - More Updates to Monitoring Console 11 Feb 2020

    In Payara Platform 5.194 we introduced the monitoring console. The upcoming 5.201 release now offers numerous improvements and additions. We continued to followed our vision of a monitoring tool that users can configure to their needs, ranging from new tools such as watches and alerts, to new colour themes and settings users can tweak to match their individual preferences.

  • Coming Soon: Payara Platform Monitoring Console 21 Nov 2019

    We are happy to announce that from the Payara Platform 5.194 release onwards Payara Server ships with a built-in monitoring console that allows a visual peek under the hood of the server.

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