Payara Micro

Small. Simple. Serious

Payara® Micro is the open source, lightweight middleware platform of choice for containerized Java EE (Jakarta EE) microservices deployments.  Less than 70MB in size, Payara Micro requires no installation or configuration and no need for code rewrites  – so you can build and deploy a fully working app within minutes. 

Compatible with Eclipse MicroProfile, Payara Micro is the microservices-ready version of Payara Server. You can run war files from the command line without any application server installation. Automatic and elastic clustering makes Payara Micro ideal for running Java EE applications in a modern virtualized infrastructure. 

Payara Micro also comes with a Java API so it can be embedded and launched from your own Java applications - see how.

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Eclipse MicroProfile

Eclipse MicroProfile is a specification for a set of APIs appropriate to building microservices. The project was announced in June 2016 by a number of Java industry vendors & community groups including Payara, RedHat, IBM, Tomitribe, LJC and SouJava. Within three months of the initial announcement, Payara MicroProfile 1.0 had been released.

The MicroProfile is a baseline platform definition that optimises Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple MicroProfile runtimes. The initially planned baseline is JAX-RS + CDI + JSON-P, with the intent of community having an active role in the MicroProfile definition and roadmap.

Both Payara Micro and Payara Server are now compatible with Eclipse MicroProfile.

Find out more about Payara Micro

Event-Driven Microservices with Payara Micro - Learn how to avoid common microservices pitfalls and uncover expert acknowledged design patterns and best practices.

Demystifying Microservices for Java EE Developers - In this document, written by David Heffelfinger - an independent Java EE expert - we aim to cut through the hype, explaining microservices in terms that make sense to Java EE developers. 

MicroProfile Metrics in Payara Micro - One of the new features in Payara Server and Payara Micro and 5.181 is full compatibility with MicroProfile 1.2. In this blog, I will introduce Metrics 1.0, a new API of MicroProfile 1.2 to use with Payara Micro (and Payara Server).

How Micro is Payara Micro? - The whole philosophy of Payara Micro is to turn the idea of application servers on its head and change the perception that they are large, complex and unwieldy environments for building server side applications. So as part of our development we've done some analysis of how small the core runtime of Payara Micro is.

Payara Micro Clustering - See the automatic clustering capabilities of Payara Micro, made possible through the integration of Hazelcast.

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