Payara Micro vs. Helidon

FeatureHelidon 2 Payara Micro Enterprise 5
LicenseApache License 2.0Open Source with EULA
Release FrequencyRegularMonthly
Production SupportYes (Only in combination with WebLogic or Coherence)Yes
Standards SupportMicroProfileMicroprofile, Jakarta EE Web Profile
Support ForMP Reactive Messaging, MP GraphQL, gRPC, JPAJBatch, Jakarta EE Concurrency, JMS client, Kafka connectivity
Supported IDEsEclipse / NetBeans / IntelliJ IDE / VSCodeEclipse / NetBeans / IntelliJ IDE / VSCode
Designed ForMicroservicesMicroservices, general applications
Project CreationHelidon CLI, Maven, and Gradle archetypesMaven and Gradle archetypes
ClusteringNoneAutomatic clustering in many environments including bare metal and Kubernetes
ConfigurationYAML fileAsadmin commands
Request TracingJersey, MicroProfile OpenTracingMicroProfile OpenTracing, Servlet, CDI
Tracing ToolsJaeger, OpenZipkinJaeger, OpenZipkin
NotifiersNoneLog files, SMTP, SNMP, CDI, Slack, New Relic, Datadog
Supported JVMsJDK 11+, Graal VM Native compilationSupport and security updates for Java 7,8,11 and beyond; ARM-based JVMs
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