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Deploy Jakarta EE Apps with Ease: No Servers, No Configuration, Just Code Instant Deployment, Zero Setup

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Discover the future of cloud deployment with Payara Cloud, your next-generation, fully-managed runtime for Jakarta EE applications. Simply select your WAR, click deploy, and watch your apps run on the cloud – automatically, like magic!

Ready to transform your deployment process? Get your 15 day free trial and start your seamless journey to the cloud.

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Payara Cloud

Upload. Deploy. Run.

Select your War

Effortless deployment, simply grab your WAR file.

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Click deploy

One click, that’s all it takes to set your app in motion.

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Watch your apps run

Watch your app in run, almost instantly.

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Watch a Demo of Payara Cloud

Discover the speed and simplicity of Payara Cloud with our quick demo video. Watch as we deploy a Jakarta EE application in just three minutes, demonstrating the platform’s ease of use and efficiency.

Ideal for developers seeking a straightforward cloud solution, this video showcases how you can get your applications up and running with minimal fuss.

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How Payara Cloud Works

Reimagining Jakarta EE Runtimes

Kubernetes vs Payara Cloud

As an app developer we know you’re expected to do everything from writing the code to deploying the application. We also know the potential problems you face when provisioning the Jakarta EE runtime, TLS and SSL certificates, the Pod, setting up your containers, and the nightmare of making it all work with Kubernetes…

And so we’re creating an easier way to run your apps on the cloud.  Payara Cloud is a cloud native runtime that runs and scales Jakarta EE/MicroProfile applications seamlessly. Unlike building an application server deployment on a Cloud Infrastructure as a Service or on raw Kubernetes, Payara Cloud takes care of provisioning infrastructure, installation, configuration, deployment and scaling of your application.

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Key Features of Payara Cloud

Payara Cloud is a fully managed PaaS solution for Jakarta EE (Java EE) and MicroProfile applications that simplifies cloud infrastructure management by eliminating the need for application servers and Kubernetes knowledge.

Use Existing Skills

  • Focus on writing code – Payara Cloud handles Kubernetes
  • Cloud infrastructure managed on your behalf – just click Deploy
  • Builds on benefits of Jakarta EE model

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Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • View metrics of all applications within the namespace in one place
  • Get detailed metrics of individual applications
  • Diagnostic information provided for failed application deployments
  • Monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to expand with each iteration of the software

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Built-in Security

  • Logo to indicate security – shield with a tick on it
  • Applications are deployed in separate containers to isolate them from actions of other applications
  • Applications within the same namespace can directly communicate among themselves in the same namespace over the network
  • Applications can have partial internet exposure, allowing for private endpoints accessible only by applications in the same namespace

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Why Use Payara Cloud?

Ivar Grimstad is a Java Champion & Developer Advocate for Jakarta EE at the Eclipse Foundation. He was an early tester of Payara Cloud and gives his testimonial in this video.

He says:

“There aren’t many comparable products like Payara Cloud out there today. Payara Cloud is simpler. It’s easier. And, it’s just straightforward to use for developers!”

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“Payara Cloud follows opposite design decisions to the “nextgeneration standards.” The application server cluster becomes a Kubernetes Operator and manages the nodes for you.

You don’t care about the server and only have to push a ThinWAR to the cloud. Payara Cloud hides the Kubernetes complexity and dramatically simplifies the infrastructure. The infrastructure is strictly separated from the business code. Payara Cloud might become the most productive way to run “boring” applications everywhere.”
–  Adam Bien 

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Getting Started videos of Payara Cloud

Explore our series of “Getting Started with Payara Cloud” videos designed to help developers swiftly deploy their Jakarta EE applications in the cloud.

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Payara Cloud Documentation

An overview of the platform’s capabilities as a cloud service for deploying Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications.


Payara Cloud Demo

Watch this demo video to see how easy it is to use Payara Cloud

View Demo

Connecting Your Payara Cloud Application to a PostgreSQL Database on Neon

This technical guide will show you how to connect your Jakarta EE web application running on Payara Cloud to a fully hosted Postgres database on Neon.

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Connecting to Instaclustr Managed PostgreSQL® and Apache Kafka® from Payara Cloud

This article provides a brief introduction to using Instaclustr’s managed PostgreSQL Database and Apache Kafka from Payara Cloud.

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If you have a question about Payara Cloud or need some help deciding if its suitable for your needs, fill in the form and we will be happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payara Cloud?

Payara Cloud is a cloud-native deployment platform that provides a fully managed environment for deploying and running your Jakarta EE/MicroProfile applications. It is built on top of Payara Enterprise and offers a range of features and services for deploying, scaling, and managing your applications in the cloud

What are the key features of Payara Cloud?

Payara Cloud offers several key features, including automatic scaling, high availability, monitoring and metrics, security, centralized logging, seamless integration with other cloud services, and a user-friendly web-based management console.

What programming languages/frameworks does Payara Cloud support?

Payara Cloud is designed to run Jakarta EE Web Profile applications written mostly in Java.

Can I deploy my existing Java EE applications on Payara Cloud?

Yes, you can deploy your existing Java EE Web Profile applications on Payara Cloud without any modifications. Payara Cloud provides full compatibility with Java EE (8) and Jakarta EE (10) standards, ensuring that your applications run seamlessly.

Can I run multiple applications?

Yes, within Payara Cloud you can deploy multiple applications within the same namespace and, you can create multiple Namespaces to host several applications.

Does Payara Cloud also host Database instances?

At the moment, you should maintain a database installation yourself, in the cloud or on-premise. You can configure your database instances within your application using the standard Jakarta EE database connections constructs. These will be automatically picked and displayed on your Payara Cloud monitoring console for easy editing.

How does automatic scaling work in Payara Cloud?

Payara Cloud can automatically scale your applications based on predefined rules or metrics such as CPU utilization, memory usage, or incoming request rates. It dynamically adjusts the number of instances running your application to match the demand, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization.

Can I integrate Payara Cloud with other cloud services?

Yes, Payara Cloud provides seamless integration with other cloud services and platforms. You can easily connect your applications to databases, storage services, message queues, and more, offered by various cloud providers.

Is Payara Cloud secure?

Yes, Payara Cloud prioritizes security and provides a secure environment for your applications. It includes features like network isolation, encryption, secure access controls, and automated security updates to protect your applications and data. Your applications deploy in separate containers to isolate them from the actions of other applications. They only have partial internet exposure, which allows only applications in the same namespace to access them via private endpoints. Payara Cloud also generates SSL certificates for your applications.

Can I have multiple users on my Payara Cloud account?

At the moment, multiple users would need to access the environment using the same username and password. Fine grained access control is on the roadmap and will be released in the near future.

How does Payara Cloud handle high availability?

Payara Cloud ensures high availability by automatically distributing your application instances across multiple availability zones. In the event of a failure, it can quickly recover your application on another healthy instance, minimizing downtime.

Can I monitor and manage my applications in Payara Cloud?

Yes, Payara Cloud provides comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities. It offers builtin metrics and monitoring dashboards, allowing you to track the performance and health of your applications. Additionally, you can use the web-based management console to configure and manage various aspects of your applications.

Is there downtime when I upgrade my application?

No. Your current running version will be available until the new one is done deploying, which will take the place of the last running one. There is the possibility of a negligible downtime during the layover from the old to the new version. All uploaded and undeployed application versions will still be available for easy rollback at any point in time.

How do I pick the appropriate runtime size for my application?

The runtime size specifies the amount of resources to allocate for this instance and count against
the included vCPU of your subscription. The following CPU has been reserved:

  • Small – 0.25 vCPU
  • Medium – 0.5 vCPU
  • Large – 1 vCPU
  • XL (available in Standard and Premium subscriptions only) – 2 vCPU

How do I get started with Payara Cloud?

To get started with Payara Cloud, you can visit the Payara Cloud website and sign up for an account.Once you have an account, you can deploy your applications using the provided tools and documentation. Payara Cloud offers a Free Trial period, allowing you to explore its features and capabilities. Check out a demo on how to sign up here.

How do you cancel Payara Cloud?

  1. Click your email address in the right corner of the Payara Cloud main page
  2. Select ‘Billing Management’ from the drop-down menu
  3. On this page, click ‘Subscription Actions’ and here you will find the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option. Click this
  4. You will then find the option to ‘Cancel Plan’
  5. Click ‘Cancel Plan’
  6. On the page you reach, also click ‘Cancel Plan’

You will now have your plan cancelled, but your account will still exist, with the option to review!

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