Using Payara Micro with Kubernetes on Azure AKS

User Guide

Using Payara Micro with Kubernetes on Azure AKS

Kubernetes has become the de-facto solution for container orchestration in the cloud. Kubernetes is a complex tool designed for operating hybrid platforms. If you intend to deploy a Payara Micro Kubernetes cluster on the Microsoft Azure cloud, you have to follow specific instructions for how to set up a Kubernetes cluster in Azure before you can use the cluster. Azure has a specific implementation mechanism for provisioning new clusters, which integrates well into the Azure tooling and infrastructure.

This guide shows you how to create a new Kubernetes cluster in Microsoft Azure and to set up a deployment using a sample WAR application running on Payara Micro.

In this user guide:

  • What is Azure Kubernetes Service?
  • What is Azure Container Registry?
  • Understanding the concepts of Microsoft Azure
  • Requirements for how to set up your environment
  • Creating the Kubernetes cluster
  • Creating a private Docker registry in Azure linked to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Payara Micro sample application
  • How to prepare the Docker image to deploy in the cluster
  • Provision your Kubernetes cluster with a new deployment
  • Testing the application in the cluster

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