Using Containers with the Payara Platform Data Sheet

Using Containers with the Payara Platform Datasheet Form

The Payara Platform is designed as a cloud-native open source server runtime, with container-friendly features built-in. For example, Payara Server’s Admin Console integrates with Docker to provide additional control and monitoring of Payara Server instances running in a container on a Docker node.

Payara provides several Docker container images that can be used as-is to run your applications on the Payara Platform, or you can create your own Docker images based on the provided Payara Docker container images.

In addition, support for Kubernetes is built-into the Payara Platform, and Kubernetes service definitions can be used to discover other data grid members. When you need elastic scalability, you can add and remove instances of Payara Server or Payara Micro in containers.

In this datasheet you’ll learn:

  • Why use containers?
  • Container-friendly features of the Payara Platform
  • Integrating the Payara Platform into containers
  • Advantages of payara Platform ‘Thin Wars’ capabilities for consistency and security
  • Improve portability of your applications
  • Built-in Kubernetes support
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