Payara®Support Services Overview Brochure

'Payara Support service overview' front cover.

Payara Support global engineers guarantee rapid response to issues with mission critical applications for all customers with Payara® Server or Payara® Micro in production.

The Payara Platform is Production-Ready and Stable with Full Support.

With both 10×5 business hours support for non-mission critical environments and 24×7 support for mission critical environments, our engineers are ready to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Unlike other companies providing support services through an outsourced helpdesk, Payara customers receive support directly from the engineers.

Download the Brochure!

Learn more about Payara Support in our brochure, including:

  • Migration & Project Support features
  • Consulting
  • Support Pricing
  • SLAs & Policies
  • Release Streams
  • Payara Scales for Enterprises in need of higher levels of resilience and HDMS
  • Additional support features

All support customers receive:

  • Monthly releases, bug fixes, and security patches to meet data compliance requirements
  • Monitoring and diagnostics to discover and fix problems before they become major issues
  • Unlimited tickets, onboarding support, and fully supported production binaries and ecosystem components
  • Access to a private customer knowledge base
  • Live and phone support
  • 10-year support lifecycle
  • Hot fixes (urgent solutions to problems)
  • OpenJDK Support through Payara’s partnership with Azul
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