Payara Platform and Jelastic PAAS

Using Payara Platform with Jelastic Saves Time and Money

Payara Platform and Jelastic PAAS User Guide

Jelastic is a bit different from other cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, or Google. They have created the software that manages the entire system for the cloud provider, but they are not hosting themselves. Instead, regional providers have installed the Jelastic software on their datacenter, and you work directly with the regional providers.

The Jelastic software supports a very wide range of solutions on their system. Within the Java category, there is support for Payara Server, but also Tomcat, GlassFish and other application servers. Jelastic also supports other languages, including PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, .Net, Python, and Go. There is also support for running Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters.

This user guide will show you how you can use Payara Server, Payara Micro, and Docker images containing Payara products on the Jelastic platform.

Why Payara Server?

Payara Server Enterprise is a cloud-native middleware application platform supporting mission critical production systems with reliable and secure deployments of Jakarta EE (Java EE)  applications on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid environments. A stable platform with monthly releases, bug fixes, and a 10-year software lifecycle, Payara Server is aggressively compatible with the ecosystem, cloud vendors, Docker, and Kubernetes.

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