MicroProfile Rest Client with Payara Server

User Guide

How to Use MicroProfile Rest Client with Payara Server

The guide starts by looking at what Eclipse MicroProfile is, the individual APIs that make up MicroProfile, and finally takes a deeper look at the REST Client API.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to integrate MP into your application and learn how to build reliable and well-functioning applications on Payara Server.

In this guide:

  • Your Rest Interface
  • RestClientBuilder
  • Specifying the URL/URI
  • Specifying the connectTimeout
  • Specifying the readTimeout
  • Building the RestClientBuilder
  • Registering custom JAX-RS Components
  • REST Client with CDI
  • CDI Registration of components
  • Overriding with MP Config
  • Using Configuration Keys
  • Async REST Client
  • REST Client and Fault Tolerance

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