Detailed Review of JDK Implementations

Detailed Review of JDK Implementations

Journey through the history of the JDK and take a detailed look at the most popular JDK implementations and some important features for an application runtime. Learn more about OpenJDK, AdoptOpenJDK, Zulu, Java 7, Flight Recorder, Liberica, OpenWebStart, and Dragonwell.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The history of the JDK
  • OpenJDK

    • AdoptOpenJDK
    • Zulu

      • Java 7
      • Flight Recorder Backported to JDK 8
      • MTS Versions
      • Early TLS 1.3 support
  • Liberica

    • OpenJFX
    • OpenWebStart
  • Dragonwell

    • Virtual Threads
  • Other OpenJDK Based Implementations
  • Open J9

    • Class Data Sharing
  • Graal VM

    • Polyglot Applications
    • Native Compilation
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