Payara Server 4 and Payara Micro 4 in Maintenance Lifecycle

What is the Maintenance Lifecycle?

The Payara Support Lifecycle policy ensures longevity of your Payara Server investment. We provide 10 years of support and a well-defined lifecycle model to maintain the stability of your production environment.

The Payara Platform version 4 will enter the “Maintenance” lifecycle stage in February 2019.

When the Payara Platform version you’re using enters the Maintenance Lifecycle, the quarterly updates stop – so there are no new features, enhancements, or APIs added. To continue receiving new features and enhancements, you’ll want to upgrade to Payara Platform 5.

When the Payara Platform version you’re using is in the Full Support Lifecycle, you receive quarterly updates with new features in addition to backported fixes, hot fixes, OpenJDK support and platform certifications. Payara Support customers can request new features and enhancements to any Payara Platform version that is in the Full Support Lifecycle.

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What’s Included in the Maintenance Lifecycle?

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Payara Platform Support Lifecycle

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Difference Between Full Support and Maintenance

What’s Included for Payara Support Customers in Each Lifecycle Stage?

Full Support

  • Quarterly feature releases with:
    • New features & capabilities
    • Enhancements
    • Added APIs
  • Monthly patch releases
  • JDK support through Azul
  • Backported fixes
  • Hot fixes
  • Platform certifications


  • Monthly patch releases
  • JDK support through Azul
  • Backported fixes
  • Hot fixes
  • Platform certifications

The Payara Platform 4 will go into Maintenance in February 2019. Payara Support Customers of the Payara Platform will continue to receive support for legacy applications, OpenJDK support, backported fixes and platform certifications along with monthly security updates. The community can continue to receive suggestions to resolve any issues with Payara Platform 4 through the Payara Forum.

Starting in May 2022, anyone still using the Payara Platform 4 will only receive fixes. Most organizations and users of the Payara Platform should consider their migration strategy prior to May 2022. We can help, keep reading for resources to start planning your migration:

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