Release Streams

Starting with the Payara Server 171 release, we’ve introduced new Release Streams: Community, Features & Stability.

Payara Release Streams

Community Stream

These are our regular quarterly releases containing new features, bug fixes and patches, available to all Payara Server users.

Features Stream

Available to our customers only, this stream adds monthly patches and fixes to our regular quarterly releases.

Stability Stream

If your key priority is stability and consistency, rather than new features, we recommend you to stay on the Stability Stream. With one feature set that’s kept for 12 months, and each patch release adding bug and security fixes without any component upgrades, this new branch of Payara Server will boost the stability of your production environment throughout the year. This stream is only available to Payara Support Customers.

Want to benefit from using our Features or Stability Stream releases? Learn more about the features and benefits of Payara Enterprise!

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