Buy Payara Support Services

Payara Production Support Services are now available to buy online with a credit / debit card payment.

To work out the number of Units needed, count all Payara Server and/or Payara Micro JVMs or instances you run in production, pre-production environment, disaster recovery and multi-user test. The ones that your developers use on their local machines are not counted.

1 Unit = 1 Payara Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM), DAS or instance.
1 Unit = 5 Payara Micro Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).
1 Unit = 6 CPU cores.

Need some help? Don't want to pay by card? Interested in Unlimited Support? No problem - contact our Sales Team!

Band Units 10x5 Support 24x7 Support
1-5 $14,850 $24,750
6-10 $29,700 $49,500
11-20 $59,400 $99,000
21-30 $89,100 $148,500
31-40 $118,800 $198,000
41-50 $148,500 $247,500
Unlimited $165,000 $275,000

12 months contract minimum. All prices listed are in USD, excl VAT, per annum. A monthly payment plan comes with 10% extra charge. We offer 20% discount for 3 year contracts - contact sales for more info.

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Monthly Costs

0 Units Basic Support

$0 per month (for 12 Months)