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The Payara team consists of Engineers, an international Support Services team, Human Resources, Project Management, Accounting, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing departments.

Get to Know the Management Team

Steve Millidge


Hi, I’m the founder of Payara. My goal is to build a sustainable open source business around the Payara Platform. I get to work with some of the most passionate people in the industry, trying new things, building new technology while growing and helping our community of users and customers. My role as founder is to do the jobs that nobody else is doing and then hire someone better than me to take it on. As a techie there’s no better job. My motto is: “Do stuff and stuff happens”.

Julia Millidge

Human Resources / Operations

Hi, I’m HR and Operations Manager at Payara. It’s a great job as every day is different and I get to recruit and work with some of the best people around. My team strives to build a lively, passionate, open community as we know the business thrives on this. Helping people develop to their full potential  is what I love doing … I started life as a Primary school teacher.

Dominika Tasarz-Sochacka

Photograph of Dominika Tasarz-Sochacka

Marketing Manager

Hi, I’m Head of Marketing & Community Builder at Payara. I’m proud to say that I’ve been with Payara from the very beginning, and over the years I’ve been responsible for building and improving its brand, as well as growing our community of users and customers. I really enjoy my job as I can  work with a great team of passionate people and witness the enthusiasm and commitment of the Payara community – it’s a very rewarding experience! After graduating from university, I thought I’d be a radio journalist but luckily I ended up in the Java industry, and never looked back.

Sarah Roberts

Finance Manager

Hey there, I’m Sarah and I’m the Finance Manager and Office Manager at Payara Services.  I keep a tight reign on both the company figures and the office staff ensuring both produce excellent results. The office in Malvern is a great place to work with a good friendly atmosphere and lots of cake. I have always worked in finance since leaving college in oodles of diverse industries.

Arjan Tjims

Photograph of Arjan Tjims.

Quality & Standards Manager

My name is Arjan and I’m a tech lead at Payara. This must be one of the coolest jobs on the planet, as I get to work on the very core of technology that powers thousands of applications around the world. And I don’t only contribute to this core technology, but also participate with Payara’s partners and the community to define the future of the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile APIs. To top it off, I also get to do what I like almost better than coding; keeping the community up to date and informed via blogs and articles, which are fully supported by our ace marketing team. I previously co-founded the OmniFaces project and worked at various companies using Java EE.

Fabio Turizo

Photograph of Fabio Turizo.

Service Team Manager

Greetings! I’m a Senior Service Engineer at Payara Services Ltd. My main drive is to assist our customers with their specific technical issues while sorting out the challenges they face on a daily basis, and as part of the service team our efforts are focused on understanding the needs of our customer base as best as possible to improve our products in the right direction. And improvement is what I enjoy the most! When problems are solved and crisis are averted, the lessons learned in the process will be extremely useful not only for the business, but for me as a professional, too. My background as a software developer helps me a lot as well!

Maurice Thomas

Partner Manager

Hi, I’m the Partner Manager at Payara. I love my job as I develop relationships with companies around the world, helping them to grow their business while creating value for Payara. Prior to joining the technology sector, I was an advertising professional working on some well-known Global / Regional brands in different roles as a strategist, as a creative as well as managing client services.

Veronica Harding

User Engagement & Support

My role involves constant communication with businesses and individuals worldwide about their Payara Platform usage and internally with our support engineering team. I’m the first point of contact for companies interested in achieving further security and stability with our Commercial Support Services. I enjoy my day to day conversations with users and working closely with our super dedicated support team – their passion about diagnosing customers’ issues and answering questions results is 100% support customer satisfaction which makes my job much easier! My career background includes similar roles, with the focus on ensuring that company services are in sync with their customers’ needs.

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