What is Payara?

Payara® Server - Robust. Reliable. Supported.

You need the right Java application server to develop and deploy applications that enable you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Changing business demands require a flexible Java middleware platform that supports continuous development, reliability, and secure deployments of Java™ Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications in any environment: on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.

Payara Server is a fully supported, developer-friendly, open source application server. Payara Server’s architecture is innovative, cloud-native and optimized for production deployments. The application server, compatible with Eclipse MicroProfile, is built and supported by a team of DevOps engineers dedicated to the continued development and maintenance of the open source software and committed to optimizing Payara Server as the best option for production Java EE applications.

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Payara® Micro - Small. Simple. Serious.

This microservices-ready version of Payara Server is perfect for cloud environments. Compatible with Eclipse MicroProfile 1.3, small (<70MB) and incredibly simple to use, it enables you to run war files from the command line without any application server installation. With its automatic and elastic clustering, Payara Micro is designed for running Java EE applications in a modern virtualized infrastructure.

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About Payara® Services Ltd

We are a dedicated team of professionals devoted to Open Source, Java, our customers, and the community. We are major contributors to the development and engineering effort of the Payara Server Open Source Project and the Payara Foundation.

Our global team of specialist Payara Server Support Engineers delivers 24/7 production, development & migration support directly to our customers worldwide. When our customers need support – they get it straight from the engineers rather than an outsourced help desk employee.

As Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation, we invest our resources and expertise to improve, innovate and develop Open Source technologies. We are involved in shaping the future of the industry via our direct contribution to Eclipse Jakarta EE (Payara’s Director, Steve Millidge, is a Project Management Committee member), Eclipse MicroProfile, Eclipse IDE and many other projects.

As founding members and active committers to the Eclipse MicroProfile initiative, we contribute to optimize Enterprise Java for microservices architectures with the aim to drive forward industry innovation, further develop and contribute to the open source community.