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The release notes of previous releases can be found in the Payara Server Documentation

Release Highlights

The 164 release of Payara Server features expanded Request Tracing. Now, all the following request types are traced when the service is enabled: REST (JAX-RS endpoints) Servlet (handling HTTP requests) SOAP Web Service RequestsWebSocketexecution of EJB timers inbound JMS message hnadled by a message-driven bean JBatch job is created a new task is executed in a managed executor. To make it a little easier to use, we've also enabled the log notifier by default. Request Tracing is no longer a tech preview, but we would still advise caution and lots of testing to be sure of the performance impact before using the service in production.

Another highlight of this release is a redesigned Admin Console view of Hazelcast Cluster Members and the enhanced control over implicit CDI scanning.

Other minor new features include Compress Log Files on Rotation; Output Logs in JSON and further improvements to the production-ready domain payaradomain.

New Features

This section details the newly developed additions to Payara Server.

Component Upgrades

  • Jersey 2.22.2
  • Hazelcast 3.7.1
  • Eclipselink 2.6.3
  • mail 1.5.6
  • btrace 1.2.3
  • Jackson 2.8.1
  • Grizzly 2.3.28
  • Weld 2.4.0.Final


This section details the issues marked as enhancements that have been implemented for this release.


Fixed Issues

This section details the issues marked as bugs that have been fixed for this release.

Payara Fixes

This section details the fixes implemented by the Payara team or community.

Security Fixes

Upstream Fixes

Known Issues

Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here:


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