Team Payara Chooses the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as its Charity of the Year

Payara Services are proud to announce that we’ve chosen the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as our Payara Charity of the Year!

About the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns over declining numbers of bumblebees. These insects are not only well-loved but also valued for the way they pollinate crops and wildflowers.

The charity aims to enhance understanding of the work these industrious insects do, why they are declining in numbers and how a diverse range of people can help. They also work to increase the quality and quantity of bumblebee habitats.

Current projects include:

  • BeeWalk

A bumblebee monitoring scheme which involves volunteers walking the same route between March and April, counting bumblebees.

  • Bee The Change

This scheme promotes knowledge about the plight of bumblebees among a diverse range of people across the UK, providing information and micro-actions for people to help in their local areas.

  • The Conservation Strategy for the Shrill Carder Bee

Launched in July 2020, this sees the Trust work with partners and stakeholders to increase habitat, connectivity, evidence data and work towards an increased understanding of the needs of this species of bumblebee: one of the rarest and most threatened in England and Wales.

Our Involvement

As official BusinessPlus Members of the charity, we’ve made a financial donation to help fund the Trust’s work, and we will internally promote awareness raising and conservation involvement for the cause throughout the year.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust image

This decision to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust specifically was made through a company-wide vote so that Payara would support the cause that the majority of Payarans are most passionate about. Passion, after all, is one of our core values!

Another core value at Payara is ‘Community’: ensuring we’re inclusive of everyone’s opinions; we give everyone in the team the opportunity to have their say.  So, all Payarans were able to pick their charity of choice from a list of conservation organisations, with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust garnering the most votes across Payara.

Alongside the financial contribution, supporting this charity marks our continuing commitment to conservation and ecology. This follows the Marine Conservation Society being our Charity of the Year last year.

We hope this support will spur individual Payarans to make eco-conscious decisions and protect the bumblebees in their area, both for UK team members and around the globe. We’ll be regularly circulating the information provided by the Trust on how to look after bumblebees in our own gardens and neighbourhood and encouraging the team to take matters into their own hands.

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