Ondrej & Steve Will Be Speaking at EclipseCon France

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17 May 2018

Ondrej Mihalyi, Payara Support Engineer and Steve Millidge, Payara CEO - will be speaking at the EclipseCon France conference (12-14 June. Toulouse - France).

Ondrej Mihalyi will be delivering two talks, both on the 14th:

Be Reactive and Micro with a MicroProfile Stack

MicroProfile, RxJava, React.js what else do you need to build lightweight but robust reactive systems efficiently with open source tools?

Maybe something for effective data processing and distributed persistence? You can have it too with Kafka and Hazelcast. Now lets have a look at how to assemble all together in almost no time, using Payara Micro.

You'll learn how to use a couple of simple tools to build a highly efficient, scalable and robust system that can be evolved continuously to meet rapidly changing needs and increasing loads.

Scale applications flexibly with MicroProfile

With the right tools, building scalable applications can be much easier than it seems. Eclipse MicroProfile allows you to build such applications easily and you get a variety of options to scale them if you add distributed data grids. These can become a backbone for building horizontally scalable services, while at the same time providing flexible caching to scale up their performance vertically.

Suddenly it will be possible to tweak the applications beyond what you expect, with very little effort. We’ll analyze what’s possible and how to do it, not only in theory but also demonstrating on a microservices application based on Payara Micro, which assembles MicroProfile, Hazelcast and other useful tools into a single and easy to use package. In the end, you’ll understand the power of distributed data grids and how to use them efficiently to scale applications built in various scenarios, be it high-throughput, low-latency or microservices architecture.


Steve Millidge will be delivering one talk, on the 13th:

Is JavaEE relevant to IOT?

Jakarta EE is the new name for the evolution of JavaEE within the Eclipse Foundation. Many people think of Java EE as a heavyweight Enterprise solution for big scale. In this talk I would like to dispel this myth demonstrating how light-weight JavaEE based microservices can run on small platforms and integrate with IOT technologies like Eclipse Mosquito for messaging. In this code driven talk you will learn how to use the JavaEE JCA specification to create a connector to MQTT and to drive event driven microservices running on JavaEE on Raspberry PIs.


For the full schedule of the conference and to register, visit the EclipseCon website here.

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