Payara is speaking at Jax Finance

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04 Feb 2016

We're proud to announce that Mike Croft, Payara Support Engineer, will be speaking at the Jax Finance Conference in London, 27-29 April 2016

Java EE Microservice platforms – which is best?

As a consultant, people ask “which is best?” all the time about all kinds of tools and technologies. The answer is always an unhelpful “it depends…” because there is never an objective answer. Really, a better question is “which is most appropriate?” This talk will investigate 3 ways of creating microservices in Java and compare and contrast the ways they work and the features they provide. During the presentation I’ll analyse Spring Boot, WildFly Swarm and Payara Micro ( with honourable mentions to Tomcat and embedded Jetty), go through the available options and demo the features/shortcomings of each.

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About Mike Croft

Mike ( @croft ) has extensive experience in working directly with customers and their middleware. He began his career at IBM, supporting WebSphere ESB, and now works with all Java middleware products from GlassFish through Oracle WebLogic to Apache Tomcat.

He specialises in Java EE application servers and enjoys hacking new, bleeding edge technology.

Mike loves community focused software and will ask anyone who will listen to contribute to Payara on Github. He is happiest when he's outside; running, climbing trees, climbing mountains, snowboarding back down mountains, or just spending a worrying amount of time on puzzle games.

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