Payara is Speaking at GeeCon 2017

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15 May 2017

Ondrej Mihalyi, Payara Support Engineer, will be speaking at the GeeCon Conference running in Krakow, Poland between 17th and 19th of May.

5 Ways to Improve Your Java EE Applications in Reactive Way

Have you wondered how you can improve the performance of your applications under high load? You probably heard that reactive design can help meet better response time and make your applications more flexible. I will show you that you don’t need to rewrite your Java EE applications from scratch to achieve that. We’ll go through 5 ways how to reuse the knowledge of Java EE and Java 8 to improve your existing applications with a reactive design. We’ll apply them to a big production-like application step by step, walking through the code and demonstrating live. In the end, we’ll compare how much the performance and user experience can be improved. All that without learning a new framework or library, and limiting the amount of changes in the application source code to a bare minimum.

7 Simple Steps to Boost Your Teamwork
(with Lukasz Byczynski)

I want to share my insights on how we created an effective agile team for a new project. We managed to maintain a very vibrant team spirit in addition to following well-known agile methods. Most of the techniques we used have equally proven valuable in my other teams within a corporate environment. To increase the team velocity and make it more than the sum of its parts, it takes more than to motivate people with salaries and bonuses. This is hard to explain to managers, but a vibrant, dynamic and effective team has to be built differently. It can be achieved only when information is effectively shared, barriers are being removed and team members are kept happy and excited!

About Ondrej Mihalyi

Ondrej (@omihalyi) is a software developer and consultant specializing in combining standard and proven tools to solve new and challenging problems. He's been developing in Java and Java EE for 9 years. As a Scrum Master and experienced Java EE developer he's helped companies to build and educate their development teams, improve their development processes and be flexible and successful in meeting client requirements. He loves working with Java EE community and would welcome anyone to contribute to Payara, as well as to any other open source project in the Java EE ecosystem.


For the full schedule of the conference and to register visit the GeeCon Website


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