Payara is speaking at jDays 2016!

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20 Jan 2016

We're proud to announce that Steve Millidge, Payara Director, will be speaking at the jDays 2016 Conference in Goteborg, 8-9 March.


'High-Performance Java EE with JCache and CDI' 

Do you need more performance from your Java EE applications? Is latency causing you stress? If so, take a look at JCache, the Java caching API. This code-driven session demonstrates how to integrate JCache into your Java EE applications, using CDI. JCache (JSR 107), the new standard API for cache access, comes with a full set of CDI annotations. Adding a single annotation to a method can achieve an orders-of-magnitude speed improvement in applications with high latency. The session gives you an introduction to how to use these standard annotations in your Java EE applications, when to use which annotations, and what is automagically happening under the covers. You will leave inspired to add 12 characters to your code.

'Java EE Microservice platforms - which is best?'

As a consultant, people ask "which is best?" all the time about all kinds of tools and technologies. The answer is always an unhelpful "it depends..." because there is never an objective answer. Really, a better question is "which is most appropriate?" This talk will investigate 3 ways of creating microservices in Java and compare and contrast the ways they work and the features they provide. During the presentation I'll analyse Spring Boot, WildFly Swarm and Payara Micro ( with honourable mentions to Tomcat and embedded Jetty), go through the available options and demo the features/shortcomings of each.


About the Speaker

Steve Millidge ( @l33tj4v4 ) is the Founder and Director of Payara and C2B2 Consulting. He has used Java extensively since pre1.0 and is a Java Certified Programmer for 1.0.2. Steve has over 15 years’ experience as a field based Professional Service Consultant with extensive knowledge of tuning and scaling Java EE middleware. Steve has been an expert group member of JSR107 (Java Caching), JSR286 (Portlets) and JSR347 (Data Grids). He founded the London Java EE User Group and is an ardent Java EE advocate. Steve has spoken at many conferences including Java One, JAX London, The Server Side, GeeCon; UK Oracle User Group, Oracle Coherence Special Interest Group, German Oracle User Group, London Java EE User Group and others. He regularly runs customer workshops and webinars In the evenings he enjoys fixing GlassFish bugs.

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