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13 Oct 2015

Payara partners with Hazelcast and introduces Payara Scales - a new Payara Server Add-on for Payara Enterprise Customers


Haze­lcast, the leading provider of operational in-memory computing with over 8,000 company deployments, and Payara, a technical support service that delivers software updates, bug fixes and 24/7 support for Oracle’s GlassFish Application Server and Payara Server, today announced the general availability of Payara Scales, a Hazelcast add-on which provides Payara Support users with an enterprise level, open source Java caching solution which results in improved performance, resilience and scalability for large-scale e-commerce and Java EE applications deployments. 

Payara Scales provides Payara Enterprise customers with the benefits of Hazelcast Enterprise's High-Density Memory Store and WAN replication. With this new add-on, Payara Server gives you some truly great enterprise level capabilities that you won’t get with any other open source application server!


  • WAN replication across multiple data centres
  • Provides resilience and high availability
  • Disaster recovery - you won’t lose customers if one of your data centres crashes
  • High Density Memory Store scales to serve more customers


  • Cache entire datasets with very simple and standard APIs
  • Improve Garbage Collection performance with off-heap storage
  • Scales vertically giving you more data storage on existing hardware
  • WAN replication to cache data across data centres.

'Payara chose to partner with Hazelcast so we could bring the power of Hazelcast’s leading Data Grid technologies to Payara Server. With our partnership Payara Server utilises Hazelcast Enterprise’s cutting edge WAN replication and High Density Memory Store capabilities for Web Session and JCache data. For our customers this means high availability, extreme performance and ultra-scalability for mission critical web applications'.

Steve Millidge, Payara Founder & Technical Director.

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