A week of work experience at Payara Services

13 Jul 2018

Last week we hosted Anya in each of our departments, so she could see what it was like working in a Tech Company in different roles.  She has made herself extremely useful and we were happy to have provided her with some valuable work experience that may help kick start her future career.

Here is what she had to say:

I chose to do my work experience at Payara because I am, and always have been, interested in computing, but I’ve never felt like I want to go into a job that’s solely computer based, however Payara offered me a chance to experience a day in 5 different roles in a business. They have been amazing because I feel as though I now have an idea to what really goes on in an office environment, as well as making me aware of roles I hadn’t initially thought of where computer knowledge is still required but not the entirety of a job.

My 5 days have been spent in human resources, engineering, sales, marketing and finance and have really changed the way I look at work, it’s made me realize that jobs are more varied than I initially thought as well as the fact that and 8-hour work day is much more exhausting that a 6-hour school day. It’s really helped me think about what I’m going to do with my future and what kind of job I want to end up in. Every day has been full of lots of different things to do and all the people I’ve been with have been lovely and extremely helpful. I don’t think that anything but spending a week in an office would have given me a proper idea of what it’s like to work an ordinary 9-5 job.

The people at Payara have been the loveliest and most helpful people who’ve really made my experience so amazing. Overall it has been extremely useful as I’m not sure that anything other than going into a real work environment can give you a true impression to what working is actually like.

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