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Hyper Wallet (PayPal)

McFarland Johnson

Cheshire Datasystems Limited

The support provided by Payara has always been appropriate to the severity level of issues reported by BMW Group. Out-of-cycle patches were provided for more important issues which helped to fix problems in a short amount of time. Regardless of where the root cause of the problem is located, either in Payara Server source code or application source code, the Support Team helped to find a solution and resolve the issue. BMW Group has found that all major blocking issues have been resolved and newly found bugs are dealt with appropriately.


The Payara Migration & Project Support service has been relevant to us not only in terms of sorting out issues but it has also contributed to expending our knowledge about the server. Support Team’s replies are speedy and the Payara Engineers are always happy to go the extra mile to clarify a query.

iTAC Software is happy with the level of commercial support Payara has provided to our company since 2015. All tickets raised were fast resolved, we are certainly pleased with the Payara developers’ team reaction time.

Frank Meilinger, iTAC Software

I’m very satisfied with the speediness and quality of replies from the Payara Support Team. The quality of support combined with good application server performance gave us the confidence to expand our Payara Server usage in the future.

J.Nilsson, Rekryteringsmyndigheten

As Payara Server is currently being run on a financial platform, the Support Service offers us peace of mind. We know that a Support Engineer will be available in case of any problems. We also find the monthly patches useful.

Lea Atkins, Personal Touch FS

We’ve been working with Payara Server for over a year in full production and so far, the server and support have been really good. Support is very professional and helpful. With Payara Team’s help, we found and resolved most of the issues in application code and server configuration. After looking at GlassFish 4, we considered migration to other Java EE server, until we found Payara Server. Migration from GlassFish 3 to Payara Server was quicker than anticipated. All the knowledge that we gathered from using GlassFish is still usable but now we have a new and more stable server that is regularly updated and patched. Also, new added features are helpful and improve stability and usability of the server. We would recommend Payara Server to anyone who is still on GlassFish, or looking for a new Java EE application server.

Eugen Bozic, MIPS d.o.o.

The Migration & Project Support that I’ve received from the Payara Engineers has been exceptional thus far. They helped me pinpoint an issue that we’ve been having and also referenced me to the GitHub page where another user had a similar issue. Furthermore, they have back-tested the issue that we’d experienced and figured out what the latest version is that we can upgrade to, where our existing code-base would still work. In the meantime, while the Support Team was busy investigating the issue, we migrated from GlassFish to Payara Server on one of our production servers. Thus far, the transition has been seamless and exciting.

Mark Bekker, HelloGroup

We migrated the backend of the product we built for our client from WebLogic to Payara Server with great success. Payara Server has a much more modern feature-set and feel, gets you up and running quicker and we saved a lot of time configuring the server compared to WebLogic. Several things that were a big hassle to configure with WebLogic worked out of the box with Payara Server, Bean Validation being a prime example of this. We are now looking to the future and planning a move towards a more microservices oriented architecture with Payara Micro in mind. I would recommend both Payara Server and Payara Micro to anybody who values consistency, stability and productivity for their application development and deployment.

Daniel Löfquist, HiQ

Overall, my client is happy with the level of Payara Support received in the past 2 years. For us, the two main benefits of having the commercial support is being able to supplement staff during production and also as an extra factor to ensure we are operating in accordance to the PCI compliance.

Snowwolf Wagner, Wabunoh Technologies

The Payara Support Services have been useful to us mainly due to the monthly patches. As they contain bug and security fixes, we can be rest assured that we are using the safest possible version of Payara Server. In addition to that, the Support Engineers are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Josh Juneau

Everything is in its awesomeness after we moved to Payara. Our server resource consumption is reduced to 3/5th – 2/3rd of what was consumed previously. Thanks Payara Team.

Arshal Ameen – System Development Leader, Rakuten

The support team is very efficient in lending a hand. Even when the cause is unknown and may not be Payara related, they will help review logs and work alongside us in our investigations. There is never any “it’s not us” mentality, they are working with us to find a solution’


Knowledgeable support team, the support service meets our expectations and the Payara Platform works well. We are happy to have opted for the Payara Platform.

Per-Axel Felth, Telia Carrier

Payara Platform is super stable and patches to issues are delivered faster than we notice them! For me, as developer, it is important to have access to a Nexus server where I can automatically download the latest releases. Our next big challenge will be the migration to Payara Platform 5.x. With Commercial Support in place we will be able to contact the Payara engineers directly in case of any migration questions.

Martin Gysel, Swisscom

We have been working with the Payara Support Team for the last couple of months and, so far, we are positively impressed with the response level and the quality of documentation provided by the Payara engineers. The whole support team is aware of our circumstances resulting in a support service that offers straight forward solutions for our specific issues.

Neil Openshaw Sr Manager, Software Engineering at Hyperwallet, a Paypal Service.

Overall the migration from GlassFish 3 over to Payara Platform 5 was a straightforward process. There was no need for major code rewrites. Setar invested in the Migration & Project Support for help during the migration process and Payara’s engineering team was clearly knowledgeable when answering the support tickets.

I’m enjoying the fact that all my knowledge about GlassFish can now be applied to the usage of Payara Platform. There is no need to put time aside to learn about a different technology, our team can start working with Payara Platform hands on straight away.

Enrick Lopez, lead developer at SETAR NV

CDL logo

The specialist input from Payara’s Engineering Team has been invaluable in helping drive our use of the software and spurring greater productivity and innovation. We always find the team to be responsive and open to questions, ideas and suggestions, which makes for a collaborative and productive relationship.

Dave Ellison, Software Architect at CDL

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Payara Services Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

In August 2021, we were presented with the trophy in an official ceremony, welcoming officials from across the Worcestershire region to acknowledge Payara’s success. These included Harriett Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire; Vice Lord-Lieutenant Brigadier, Roger Brunt CBE; and Robert Elliot, Director of Business Engagement and Development for Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce. This video presents highlights from the ceremony. Read more about it in our accompanying blog.

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