Payara Platform with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing Benefits Drive Businesses into the Cloud

Payara Platform with Microsoft Azure Datasheet

The Payara Platform is very well suited for cloud deployments, including Docker and Kubernetes containers. Since the platform is cloud-native and optimized for production environments, it can be deployed in any environment: on cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Microsoft Azure® is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform providing cloud services for analytics, compute, networking, and storage. Users of Microsoft Azure can pick and choose from the available services to develop or scale new applications or run existing applications in the cloud.

Download our datasheet to learn more about the capabilities of running the Payara Platform on Azure:

  • Adopt a traditional application server architecture and deploy Payara Server on Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service
  • Adopt a containerization technology (such as Docker) with Payara Micro for an elastic scalable deployment
  • Build, deploy, and scale enterprise grade Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications with Payara Platform and Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Quickly and easily scale your Payara application with Azure Container Instances without configuring Docker, Kubernetes, or creating Virtual Machines
  • Simplify the creation and management of Kubernetes with the Payara Platform and Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Easily integrate with Cloud SQL databases using standard JDBC drivers
  • Use the Payara Cloud Connectors for Azure as a standard adapter to the Azure Service Bus to use standard Message Driven Beans
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