Challenging COVID-19 with Open Source Technology

Open Source & COVID Survey Report

Open Source technology is helping organisations worldwide overcome challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether used to facilitate the exchange of information between resource providers and those in need, as seen in China, or for the development of a tool to estimate the impact of COVID-19 on local communities, as seen in the US, it is clear that open source technology is playing a pivotal role in helping individuals, communities, organisations and governments circumvent and control the Coronavirus.

What isn’t as clear, however, is how the pandemic has impacted the use of open source technology on a smaller scale, within individual organisations. Therefore, the objective of this research, undertaken by Payara Services Ltd, is to understand and provide greater insight into how organisations are using open source technology during this ‘unprecedented’ period, whether they have had to make any significant changes to support business continuity, and what challenges have been presented as a result.

The results prove interesting and demonstrate the fundamental role open source technology will continue to play in helping global organisations adapt and find new ways of working, as we reach, what will become, the ‘new normal’.

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