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Payara Platform 5.193.1

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The release notes of previous releases can be found in the Payara Server Documentation.

Release Highlights

With the public release of 5.193.1, Payara Server Full is now officially certified as Jakarta EE Compatible! 

Normally, this release would have been for support customers only. Due to our Jakarta EE compatibility, we decided to make this release available to everyone! The Payara team is proud to be one of the first to announce our compatibility. Payara Server has passed all of the nearly 50,000 test suites of Jakarta EE 8 TCK to become Jakarta EE 8 Full Profile Compatible.  The TCK verification process is now part of our regular release process to ensure future changes to Payara Server don’t affect our compatibility with Jakarta EE. In the upcoming Payara Platform 194 release, we will also add compatibility testing of our Web distribution with the Web profile.

In addition to Jakarta EE compatibility in Payara Server 5.193.1, see below for new features and bug fixes provided in this release:

New Features

  • [PAYARA-4027] – Add timeout parameter to start-deployment-group command 

Bug Fixes

  • [PAYARA-3500] – Admin console shows incorrect virtual servers for MP health and metrics targets 
  • [PAYARA-3501] – Configuration changes in MP health and metrics in Admin console don’t warn about restart needed 
  • [PAYARA-4025] – REGRESSION: Setting context root with app.war:context stopped working in Payara Micro 5.192 
  • [PAYARA-4055] – Jaxrs client obtained from the request context must be the same instance 
  • [PAYARA-4077] – CDI test EnterpriseSecurityContextPropagationInAsyncObserverTest fails 
  • [PAYARA-4078] – CDI InterceptorEnvironmentJNDISessionBeanTest fails 
  • [PAYARA-4083] – Unsatisfied dependencies for type YubicoAPI in CDI TCK 
  • [PAYARA-4087] – Allow use of single char operands in payara micro commands 
  • [PAYARA-4104] – Disabling Hazelcast for 5.193 Server causes startup failure 
  • [PAYARA-4113] – Post Boot Commands Don’t Print Failure Cause 
  • [PAYARA-4115] – List-Nodes-Docker Command Fails with Invalid Number of Columns 
  • [PAYARA-4122] – Unable to acquire global lock for resolve payara-micro-service 
  • [PAYARA-4123] – Async errors are missing in resumed response 
  • [PAYARA-4125] – MP HealthCheck NPE from when first saving values in admin console 
  • [PAYARA-4131] – java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: not found by 
  • [PAYARA-4140] – ResourceValidator fails on jms/ee20/cditests/ejbweb 
  • [PAYARA-4146] – JavaMail Fails to Load Default Providers 
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