Payara is speaking & exhibiting at JavaOne 2016!

Payara is speaking & exhibiting at JavaOne 2016! image #1

18 Jul 2016

We are coming back to JavaOne - not only are Payara exhibiting at the biggest Java conference in the world, we are speaking as well!

Four members of the Payara Team will present their talks at the JavaOne 2016 conference in San Francisco this September: Payara Founder and Director Steve Millidge, and Payara Engineers - Mike Croft, Ondrej Mihalyi and Mert Caliskan.


Cloud-Native Java EE - Tutorial
Steve Millidge, Payara Director & Mike Croft, Payara Service Engineer

Many people underestimate the DevOps shift required for running applications in the cloud rather than on-premises. Truly cloud-native applications on Java EE are possible with very little effort, but a shift in mindset is required to really take advantage of the scale that comes with cloud deployments. In this tutorial, the presenters build a full microservice using Java EE APIs, JAX-RS, EJB, CDI, and JPA. They then demonstrate the use of various tools such as Docker, Vagrant, and Amazon Web Services, showing elasticity and resilience, making use of features that are infeasible or not easy with on-premises deployments, and demonstrating 12-factor-app principles and how they can be applied to Java EE deployments.

How to Bake Reactive Behavior into Your Java EE Applications - Conference Talk
Mert Caliskan, Payara Developer & Ondrej Mihalyi,  Payara Service Engineer

Reactive programming is already an established concept, and there are many modern frameworks and tools that support it. This session shows that Java EE is a modern and evolving framework that supports all reactive concepts. The latest version of the Java language and Java EE add even more asynchronous APIs for writing fully reactive applications. On top of asynchronous processing in servlets, REST services, and EJBs, there are asynchronous I/O; managed multithreading; and CompletableFuture, with its promiselike API to tackle callback hell. Several Java EE runtimes go even further and provide extensions to scale your applications in a natural way.

 JCache and Java EE: Bridging the Gap - BOF
Viktor Gamov, Senior Solutions Architect (Hazelcast) & Steve Millidge, Payara Director

JCache is scheduled for inclusion in Java EE 8. Although JCache 1.0 or a maintenance release can be included as an API in the umbrella specification, some work is required to make JCache easy to use from within a Java EE application. Several integration points to consider are CDI of caches and cache managers, configuration and deployment of cache managers and caches, class loader interactions when using events and event processors, and many more. This BOF gives you an opportunity to get together with other developers interested in how JCache can be used and to throw out some ideas to see if it’s possible to gather a group of people who would like to drive JCache forward in Java EE.


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