What's in store for the Vampire fish?

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15 Jan 2015

Now that the Payara project is up and running, we've had our first release and are about to drop our second; it's obvious we've had a great 2014.

First things first we’ll be delivering our second Payara Release, 4.1.151. This is an awesome release you’ll be hearing all about in detail later this month but it will contain many bug fixes through upgrades and directly to the major components like Jersey and Tyrus. We have JSR 107 support, Data Grid session store and a full blown data grid embedded in Payara through Hazelcast. We also have JBatch support for many databases so this is a major upgrade.

Our thoughts are now turning to what we should deliver in 2015, along with bug fixes.

Currently we are thinking about;

  • DevOps enhancements with Chef cookbooks, Docker images and perhaps even downloading configs from Git
  • Extensive performance tuning
  • Management enhancements through built-in transaction tracing and request dumping
  • New monitoring consoles and integration with popular monitoring tools
  • Possibly a new lightweight embedded microservices edition; essentially Grizzly, Jersey and JPA.
  • Integration with other messaging system e.g. Active MQ; AMQP providers perhaps even Vert.x

This is where you come in. We are really keen to hear from the community on what you’d like to see in Payara server in the future. Send us your suggestions by adding an enhancement request on GitHub and we’ll pick the best and send out a Payara SWAG bag!

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