Testing JavaEE applications using Arquillian and GlassFish

Reza Rahman

04 Nov 2014

Reza Rahman visits the GlassFish User Group in London

Reza Rahman is a JavaEE and GlassFish Evangelist and recently spoke at the GlassFish User Group in London. Reza delivered a talk about 'Testing JavaEE applications using Arquillian': 

"This session outlines how to effectively test Java EE APIs like JSF, Servlet, CDI, EJB 3, JPA, WebSocket and JAX-RS. Java EE includes a number of new features that enhance testability like generic dependency injection, CDI @Alternative, portable extensions, embedded containers and JSF project stages. 

Using these features and best of breed tools like JUnit and Arquillian it is possible to perform unit, integration, system and functional testing for Java EE APIs at all layers of the application. In addition to discussing tools and features, the session will also demonstrate testing techniques like designing for testability, mock objects, isolation and test configuration." 

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