Java, Microservices & Cloud Meetup with Payara, Hazelcast and Azul Systems

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16 Feb 2018

Payaras Steve Millidge will be attending and speaking at the Hazelcast event in London on March 8th.

Moving to MicroProfile and EE4J

There are 2 major changes happening in the Java EE world. MicroProfile – an industry collaboration to define Microservices APIs on top of a subset of Java EE; and EE4J – the migration of Java EE from the JCP to the Eclipse Foundation. Payara is at the forefront of both initiatives. In this presentation, Steve will give an update on the roadmap of both initiatives, their aims and objectives. He will then do more of a deep dive into the new MicroProfile 1.2 APIs and show how you can use them to build microservices applications on Payara Server and Payara Micro.

Other talks will feature:

Fast Processing of Fast Moving Data, Neil Stevenson, Sr. Solution Architect, Hazelcast

Hazelcast is the fastest in-memory data grid, so it is a natural choice for fast storage and fast access to rapidly changing data. But what if you want to process this data ? Trigger-style reactive processing is fast, but still may not be near-enough to real-time. Here we’ll look at using a sliding window to aggregate time-series data as it changes. We’ll aim to store the latest value, but as we go we’ll be processing prior to saving, so we have the necessary insights derived at the same time. This is suitable for your most demanding volumes of data, when the competitive advantage of speedy calculations is the highest, or both. It’s not a lot of coding though, Hazelcast does the hard work.

The Start of A New Future For Java, Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO, Azul Systems

JDK 9 has been released and at the same time a number of announcements have been made about how Java will be released and how updates will be made available through the OpenJDK. In this session we’ll take a look at what those announcements are and how these changes will impact decisions about which versions of Java to use for deploying microservice based applications into the cloud.


If you would like to register to attend the event please visit the Hazelcast page.


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