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02 Aug 2014

Payara is coming to JaxLondon! Visit us at the JaxLondon conference expo, 13-15 October 2014

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Payara team members Steve Millidge and Mike Croft are speaking at JaxLondon too!

Hands on with Data Grids by Steve Millidge @c2b2consulting

This workshop will give you a rapid introduction to working with Data Grid technologies like Hazelcast, Infinispan, Coherence and others. This workshop will be a mixture of brief slides on the concepts of Data Grids followed by a large amount of hands on Javas code. In the workshop we will configure a data grid on Amazon EC2 with a node on each attendees machine. We will also create a simple chat application using Data Grid Events, and finally we will hunt the POJO across the grid using Entry Processors for On Grid parallel processing.

If you've never played with a Data Gird and therefore never had a chance to appreciate the power of this technology, then we will show you how simple and easy it is to get started and use. You will go away inspired to create your own on-grid applications. Or if not inspired, at least mildly enthusuastic.

Hands-on performance tuning by Mike Croft @croft 

This hands on lab will present a number of applications which have been built to include some common significant performance bottlenecks. Attendees will be able to work through the applications using a variety of free and open source tooling to get practical experience of identifying and resolving the bottlenecks. The techniques required will be covered at the start of the labs, and the exercises will give hands-on experience of using the various tools and techniques. Attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss any performance problems they may have in their own applications, and which techniques may be best applied to help them identify and resolve these problems.

Performance tuning is seen as a black art by many, when really it is a scientific process of measurement and elimination. This lab aims to give attendees practical experience of identifying and resolving some of the key performance problems that are seen in enterprise java applications, although the principals will extend to applications in any language. Hopefully once attendees have identified and resolved a performance problem in a lab environment, they will be able to take this expertise and apply it to their own applications.

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