See Payara at Javaone 2014

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01 Aug 2014

Payara is coming to JavaOne!

Visit our booth 612 at JavaOne is San Francisco, 29 September – 30 October

Find out more about the conference at

Payara founder, Steve Millidge, is speaking at JavaOne too!

Calling all GlassFish Users and User Groups. Contribute to GlassFish' BOF by Steve Millidge and Reza Rahman (Oracle)

Calling all GlassFish users and user groups. If you believe in open source Java EE and want to contribute, we need you! The London GlassFish User Group is organising this BOF to gather all people interested in contributing to the future of GlassFish. Let's discuss how we mobilize the community of GlassFish users around the world to contribute to the open source projects and ensure GlassFish remains an innovative and popular open source Java EE application server. Come to the BOF to discuss how we can work together, to coordinate our activities to fix bugs, contribute new features and steer the development of GlassFish as a true open source application server. We will have GlassFish people from Oracle and from the London User group.

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'JSR107 come, code, cache, compute!'  

Java Temporary Caching API was finally approved in March this year and is likely to be part of Java EE 8. JSR107 provides a standard api for accessing caches and in-memory data grids from Java as well as providing advanced capabilities like on-grid processing and eventing. Attend this tutorial to get first hand experience with the new api. We will start with the basics of cache access and graduate up to the exciting new capabilities delivered by JSR 107; on-grid parallel computation using EntryProcessors and event driven solutions using Cache events.

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