Payara Production Support - Pricing Change

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05 Oct 2016

From the 1st of November 2016 we will be changing our pricing plan for Payara Support subscriptions.


See here for more information and the detailed overview of new bands and prices.

The new pricing model is based on band units, so instead of paying for each server/JVM you will now be charged per band, which gives you some extra benefits:

  • more flexibility of choice;
  • cloud friendly support options;
  • easier support subscription upgrades or downgrades;
  • you can mix and match your Payara Server & Payara Micro support units;
  • Developer Support and Hot Fixes are now included in all support subscriptions;
  • per processor pricing options are available on request.

The way you work out the number of units needed doesn’t change – you still have to count all Payara Server and/or Payara Micro JVMs you run in production; pre-production; disaster recovery; and multi-user test environments. The Payara JVMs that your developers use on their local machines are not counted.

1 Unit = 1 Payara Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM), DAS or instance.
1 Unit = 5 Payara Micro Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

For current Payara Support customers the new pricing model will come into effect at the point of subscription renewal.

If you have any questions about the above pricing changes, please contact us!



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