Payara is speaking at the JEEConf 2016!

Payara is speaking at the JEEConf 2016! image #1

05 Apr 2016

We're proud to announce that Mike Croft, Payara Support Engineer, will be speaking at the JEEConf 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 21st of May. Mike will present two talks: "Cloud Native Java EE" & "Java EE Microservices Platforms - what’s in it for me?"


Cloud Native Java EE

Many people underestimate the paradigm shift that is inherent with running applications in the cloud rather than on-premise. Truly cloud-native applications on Java EE are possible, with very little effort, but a shift in mindset is required to really take advantage of the scale that comes with cloud deployments.

In this talk, I will demonstrate the use of various tools like Docker, Vagrant and Amazon Web Services to run Java EE applications on Payara Micro in the cloud, demonstrating elasticity and resilience, making use of features that are not easy or not feasible with on-premise deployments.

Java EE Microservices Platforms – what’s in it for me?

In my experience as a middleware consultant I’ve often heard a question “which is best?”, asked about all kinds of tools and technologies. The answer is always an unhelpful “it depends…” because there is never an objective answer. Really, a better question is “which is most appropriate?”.

First off, we’ll start with explaining Micro Service Architecture and microservices principles, busting some popular myths about using microservices with Java EE.

Then we’ll investigate 3 ways of creating microservices and compare and contrast the ways they work and the features they provide. During the presentation I will analyse Spring Boot, WildFly Swarm and Payara Micro. I will also go through the available options and demo the features / shortcomings of each.

Find out more about the JEEConf 2016 here!



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