Payara is growing!

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02 Oct 2015

We are happy to announce that due to the increased demand for Payara services and growing number of Payara Server and Payara Micro users, we were recently joined by a couple of new team members.


We’re really excited that the Payara family is growing!  This is also really great news for the Payara Server / GlassFish community and Payara customers - with more brains to tackle and fix the bugs, and more hands to respond to your enquiries, issues and ideas, Payara is getting stronger and growing even sharper teeth!

In addition to welcoming new members, last week the Payara Team took part in the Payara Bootcamp, held in our Headquarters in Malvern, UK.

The bootcamp, run by Steve Millidge – Payara Founder & Technical Director - was a great opportunity to introduce the new members to the team and show them exactly how exciting it is to work with Payara Server. Our Junior Developers had a chance to learn more about Java EE, GlassFish and Payara Server from their more experienced colleagues. Hazelcast integration, clustering exercises, working with NetBeans and playing around with Payara Micro were only a few of activities the team got themselves busy with during the week. Meanwhile, our senior Support Engineers and Developers honed their GlassFish and Java EE skills during various workshops, labs and technical presentations.

Of course, welcoming some new additions to the BadassFish aquarium doesn’t mean we don’t need your input any more – on the contrary – we need it even more! We wouldn’t be able to grow without the help from our amazing Payara & GlassFish community, so once again we encourage you to contribute! For more information see GitHub

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