Payara Becomes Eclipse Foundation Strategic Member

Payara Becomes Eclipse Foundation Strategic Member image #1

20 Feb 2018

Payara has partnered with the Eclipse Foundation to become a Strategic Member.

What does this mean?

Strategic Members are recognised as organisations that see the Eclipse Foundation as a strategic platform and are investing expertise, time and other resources to further improve and develop Eclipse Technology.  Such as the newly aqcuired EE4J (Java EE), Eclipse MicroProfile, Eclipse IDE and many others.

Payara Founder Steve Millidge is a Project Management Committee member for EE4J and Payara is an active committer for the Eclipse MicroProfile project.

Strategic Members have representation on the Eclipse Planning and Architecture Councils. This allows Strategic Developers to have direct input into the development processes and architecture of the Eclipse Foundation project community.

Payara hopes to use this position to continue to drive forward innovation and further developing and contributing to the Open Source Community.


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