Payara at the West Midlands Java User Group

24 Jul 2015

Last Tuesday, I went to the West Midlands Java User Group (WM-JUG) for the first time, and gave a short talk on microservices with Payara. It was the first time I'd ever delivered that talk, since some of the technology isn't even released yet! (It will be coming with Payara 4.1.153 very soon).

I spoke a little about one example strategy for using Payara in a microservices architecture, using the power of the cloud (provided by Amazon EC2), automatic clustering (provided by Hazelcast) and one-click deployment (provided by Vagrant). The strength of this kind of approach is its versatility; if you already use continuous integration and devops strategies with tools like Jenkins and Chef, you can work those in with very little effort. (Amazon Web Services actually natively supports Chef with its own "OpsWorks" tool).

If all those technologies are new to you and you don't know what I'm on about, then stay tuned, I promised the WM-JUG that I'd blog about all the things I talked about very soon!

For all of those who attended the talk, you can get started with full profile Payara (a full Java EE server) with Vagrant using a Vagrantfile I've already created here.

Download Vagrant here, if you don't already have it.

Here's a little extra background.

There's also some dockerfiles here & here.

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