What Can We Learn from The Eclipse Developer Survey?

What Can We Learn from The Eclipse Developer Survey? image #1

01 May 2018

The Eclipse Foundation surveyed over 1,800 Java Developers from around the world to get a read for the current state of Java EE and the direction it is heading.

Java developers want Jakarta EE to focus on five key areas, based on the survey results, including:

1.   Better support for microservices (60%)

2.   Native integration with Kubernetes (57%)

3.   Faster pace of innovation (47%)

4.   Production quality reference implementation (44%)

5.   Faster support from existing Java EE or cloud vendors  (34%)

A significant portion of the Java developers surveyed were found to be already building microservices (45%), with another 21% already planning to also use microservices within the year.

The survey goes on to show a clear demand for faster innovation and support around meeting developers’ demands for a more cloud centric Java.  Jakarta EE has embraced the community, through surveys such as this and its vendor neutral open source model.  Within the survey they state: 

“The community has spoken. To fulfil its promise, Jakarta EE must deliver rapid innovation, open collaboration and broad community participation. The success of Jakarta EE will be member-driven and based on a governance model that reflects the evolving needs of all stakeholders. In the years to come, expect open source Java innovations like Eclipse MicroProfile to be adopted into the Jakarta EE stack to help developers rapidly create microservices and cloud native applications. Jakarta EE will rely on the passion, experience and engagement of the community to deliver on the future of cloud native Java.”

Payara Services is feeling extremely optimistic and proud to be deeply involved as Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation and to have direct access to the governance of the Jakarta EE Working Group.


What Can We Learn from The Eclipse Developer Survey? image #1
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